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Steve Smoot

Mr. Smoot has 35 years' experience in Computer Science, Software Product Development and eCommerce Technology. Mr. Smoot has been employed or retained as an independent consultant in eCommerce, telecommunications, manufacturing automation, electric power, oil and gas delivery, medical research, civil electronics design and fabrication, military and intelligence electronics and financial services. He has experience with more than 50 conventional programming, content description, database and markup languages. As a representative to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) committees, Mr. Smoot participated in defining the American standard data encryption and communication protocols for layers 2, 4 and 6 of the OSI model on the X3T1 and X3T1.1 committees.

For more than ten years Mr. Smoot held leadership roles in the design and development of electronic products including National Security Agency (NSA) certified high-speed encryption devices, two families of personal computers, and robot automated factories. His experience includes chip, circuit and system level engineering for both software and hardware. Mr. Smoot has been an independent consultant for 23 of the last 25 years and a consultant with global consultants Avanade, Inc. Mr. Smoot has represented other companies such as Apple Computer as their consulting expert on a variety of technical assignments.

Testifying Experience

Mr. Smoot has 6 years' experience providing expert testimony for patent litigation, forensics and software contract disputes in telecommunications and computer technology, providing expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony. His expert analysis and conclusions were instrumental in achieving a $35 million settlement for his client I2 against Oracle in a Sales Force/ Supply chain patent litigation. His expert opinions at a hearing in Federal District Court in Washington, DC on the operation of BitTorrent networks and file sharing of copyrighted materials, and the use of geolocation to determine users' locations led to the judge preparing a written opinion for consideration by other judges handling similar cases. In a petition before the PTAB for re-examination of a patent's validity, his expert written and oral opinions led to a reversal of the Board's previous invalidity decision, resulting in the patent's validity being sustained, as well as a similar reversal of a prior decision on a second patent the following day, using the same arguments. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to telecommunications, computer and network technologies, media distribution and media handling devices and cellular devices and networks including both hardware and software.

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Secure Communications
Product Design
Enterprise Architecture
Financial Services
Case Types
Patent Litigation
Electronic Transactions

Professional Summary

Systems Engineering 20 years Manufacturing automation robotics and factory control, Service Order Entry, Call Center Management, Satellite based routing and processing, medical procedure kit, substation/transmission power delivery, networked property management/reservations, ERP, CRM, marketing support and analysis. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and non-AI based computer diagnostics.
Product Development 15 years Centralized media management and distribution systems, high speed encryption devices, embedded control systems, personal computers, factory and field diagnostics software for personal computer manufacturers, ISDN telephony products.
Financial Services 12 years Support applications, automation applications for financial services document production and management, business improvement and support systems for financial professionals.
Business & Technology Consulting 22 years Technology marketing, strategy development, start-up funding and business launch, systems integration, systems development, business process engineering and management.
Expert Witness 4 years Expert for intellectual property & internet patents, DOJ Network forensics and telecommunications

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Education, Licensure, and Certifications

ASEE – Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1977, United Electronics Institute

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Professional Experience

2006 to Present - Senior Consultant eComp Consultants - Tampa, FL

2007 to 2009 - Group Manager / Program Management Avanade, Inc. South Region - Dallas, TX

1988 to 2007 - CEO and Lead Consultant Teknosys, Inc. - Tampa, FL

1985 to 1988 - Chief Architect, GTE Data Services, Inc. - Tampa, FL

1979 to 1984 - Senior Electronics Engineer, Paradyne, Inc. - Largo, FL

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Focus Areas

  • Telecommunications
  • Embedded systems and design
  • PC systems and design
  • Secure Communications
  • eCommerce, internet marketing
  • Database systems and design
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Substation/transmission power delivery
  • Service Order Entry
  • Cell phone forensics
  • Software development and management
  • Networks, protocols and routing
  • Workforce automation and wireless communications
  • Document production and management
  • IP Portfolio Evaluation
  • Robotics and factory control
  • Satellite based routing

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