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Utility Litigation Monthly Watchdog Report

Stay Informed and Alert!

eComp Consultants initiates the distribution of a monthly litigation alert bulletin to utility company executives and legal counsel within the energy sector of the utility industry. The bulletin, entitled Utility Litigation Alert, provides timely information on litigation activity occurring throughout the industry involving intellectual property associated with technology relating to smart grid initiatives and web-based customer interactions. It also serves as early warning as to potential risks of such litigation causing negative impacts to project initiatives.

See our Consulting Service page to learn about eComp’s Risk Assessment service which describes proactive ways to make sure your company is not infringing others’ IP rights, and to potentially avoid a lawsuit.

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Ivan Zatkovich presenting at World Research Group’s 4th Annual Corporate IP Counsel Forum

May 16 – 17, 2012 | New York, NY

Ivan Zatkovich will be one of the experts on a panel discussion titled:  Patent Valuation: Successful Strategies for Identifying Your Most Valuable Patents.  Presenters include Jennifer Trillsch of Stack Legal, Ivan Zatkovich, Principal Consultant at eComp Consultant, and Michael Bishop, General Counsel at AT&T.  The presentation will provide information on how to evaluate your patent portfolio.  For more information on the conference:  Corporate IP Counsel Forum.  Early registration discount ends March 31st.  Register now to save.  Use our Promo Code NFZ485 to receive an additional $100 discount.

Session Description:

Regardless of how selective your patent portfolio may be, only a percentage is worth keeping and maintaining.  An even smaller percentage is worth licensing, litigating, continuing, and/or selling outright.  How do you efficiently and effective find those few diamonds in the ruff?  And what do you do once you find them?  During this interactive session you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate your patent portfolio to know where to spend money
  • Quickly identify your most valuable patents
  • Determine which patents to keep and which to expire
  • Assess the future value of patents based on current trends

Conference webite:  World Research Group’s 4th Annual Corporate IP Counsel Forum.