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David Klausner


David Klausner has over 47 years of experience in employment and consulting in many aspects of computers, from personal computers to mainframes and from programming to management. Mr. Klausner specializes in database, computer networking, security, and software application. He has advised numerous firms on technology in legal contexts.

Mr. Klausner provides expert testimony for patent litigation, copyright, trade secret, and software & application disputes in database, ecommerce, internet telecommunications, mobile applications, multimedia, geolocation, cloud computing, content management, groupware, transaction processing, damages cases, providing expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony.

Testifying Experience

Mr. Klausner has 22 years’ experience providing expert testimony. David’s expert testimony was instrumental for the Plaintiff in Uniloc v. Microsoft case where the jury awarded $388 million and found willfulness. Testifying for the Plaintiff in CIAC v. Yahoo, the jury awarded $6.6 million and found willfulness. His testimony has been cited and affirmed by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Uniloc v. Microsoft; Orion v. Hyundai; Symantec v. Computer Associates); and in Metlife v. Bancorp.

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Social Network Software
Software Analysis
Internet Applications
Data Management and Cloud Computing
Software Development
Case Types
Patent Infringement
Trade Secrets
Breach of Contract

Professional Summary

Software Applications, Packages and Libraries 47 years Databases, Web/internet applications, Networking, Sniffers, PC software, XWindows X11R4 and 3, MOTIF, IMAGE, FrameMaker, Clipper, FoxBase, Q&A, SAS, VSAM, ISPF, KEDIT, XEDIT, VTAM, Revelation, Knowledgeman
Software Development 47 years Algorithms, databases, user interfaces, quality assurance and testing, real-time applications, artificial intelligence, utility programs, diagnostics, mainframe DOS B-transients, machine simulators, performance analyzers, EDI applications, general ledger, inventory control, software auditing, manufacturing process, statistical process control, and report writing.
Operating Systems 47 years Microsoft Windows – all versions, Linux (various distributions, e.g., CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, Suse, etc.), VMWare Workstation and vSphere, VirtualBox, VMPC, Mac OSX, OS/2, UNIX (various), RTE, MS/DOS, TSO, MVS, VM, JES2, DOS/VSE, WYLBUR, PC/DOS, Amiga DOS, XT/370, RTOS, VMS, and system installations/generations (SYSGENs).
Hardware 47 years PCs and compatibles (Pentiums, etc), Apple products, Mobile, Network Devices, Hardware Internals, Workstations (Apollo, HP, Sun), HP 1000, HP 2100, HP 150, DEC PDP family, IBM 8100, IBM S/23, M68000s series. IBM Mainframes and compatibles.
Languages 47 years C#, C++, C, Java, Assembler (various), COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, PL/I, PLS, REXX, EXEC2, JCL, machine languages

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Education, Licensure, and Certifications

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E), 1974, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, N.Y.
B.A. Mathematics, 1968, Brooklyn College, N.Y.

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Professional Experience

1993 to Present - Consultant, David Klausner, Inc. - Redwood City, CA

1991 to 1993 - Contract Consultant, INTEL Corp., - Santa Clara, CA

1991 to 1993 - Contract Consultant, WIP Technology - Sunnyvale, CA

1991 to 1991 - Contact Consultant, Self-employed - Redwood City, CA

1990 to 1991 - Contract Consultant, TERRA-MAR - Mountain View, CA

1990 to 1990 - Contract Consultant, Frame Technology - Milpitas, CA

1987 to 1989 - Diagnostics/Macrocode Test / Diagnostic Development, Amdahl Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA

1986 to 1987 - Contract Consultant, Hewlett Packard - Cupertino, CA

1986 to 1986 - Contract Consultant, Harrison and Eakin, Inc. - San Mateo, CA

1985 to 1985 - Lobob Laboratories - San Jose, CA

1984 to 1986 - Diagnostics, Software Development and Manufacturing Test, Plus Development Corporation - Milpitas, CA

1982 to 1984 - Applications Development / Product Assurance and Test / Diagnostics Dialogic Systems Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA

1974 to 1982 - Language Products, IBM Corporation - Palo Alto/San Jose, CA

1967 to 1974 - Associate Director, Systems and Applications Programmer, University Applications Processing Center - Brooklyn, NY

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Publications & Presentations

Academic Positions

Focus Areas

  • Databases
  • Software Analysis
  • Internet
  • Data Security
  • Forensics
  • Software Activation
  • Packet Switching/Routing
  • Licensing Software
  • Algorithms
  • Reverse-Engineering
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets
  • Contracts
  • Merchantability
  • Network Software Updating

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