Federico Giovannetti

Expert consulting experience
M.S. Integrated Systems Engineering, 1995, Rutgers University, NJ
B.S. Computer Science, 1989, University Simon Bolivar  

Mr. Federico Giovannetti has 23 years of experience in computer systems research and information technology, having worked in software engineering, embedded systems, storage systems, IP network management and wireless telecommunications technologies. His background goes from academia and research in software systems to leading commercial grade software design and development, IT operations management and a 24x7 technical support organization.

Mr. Giovannetti has published several research papers, presented at industry conferences and was granted three U.S. patents in software design. He was awarded the coveted research position of “Distinguished Member of Technical Staff” at Bells Laboratories. He is also an accomplished technology entrepreneur, having co-founded Ogangi Corporation. He has in-depth experience in various areas of software technologies, including operating systems, programming languages and IP network protocols. He has work with customers and technology partners around the world in over 30 countries. This list includes AT&T, Cable & Wireless, New Zealand Telecom and Telefonica. The technology that Mr. Giovannetti helped create has been licensed by large corporations such as Unisys and Syniverse Technologies. Mr. Giovannetti is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks some Italian.

Sample of Expert testifying cases:

Parus Holdings, Inc. v. AirTran [Thompson & Knight]
Nature of case: Patent Litigation for Speech Recognition Communications Technology
Engagement: Consulting expert, prior art analysis, claim chart and invalidity report support.

SMS Technology Evaluation [Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein]
Nature of case: Pre-litigation SMS Technology
Engagement: Consulting expert providing opinion on future evolution of SMS Technology.

IP Networks
R&D Labs
Hardware Manufacturing
Case Areas
Patent Litigation
Patent Portfolio Evaluation
    Focus Areas:
  • Web security
  • Digital certificates/ LDAP directories
  • Web-based applications/services
  • Streaming Media
  • Mobile Systems
  • CRM/ERM/MRP Systems
  • Cache subsystem

  • Internet/eCommerce
  • Networks & Security
  • Unix RAID device driver
  • SMS/IM Messaging
  • Data Center Operations
  • Wireless/Telecommunications
  • SCSI controllers